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Our coaches and consultants have a combined experience of over 150 years in process improvement and kaizen.  We have the deepest and widest knowledge and experience in Lean Agile Thinking.

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Lean Sensei has a world-wide network including Japan, Americas, and Europe, allowing it to bring you the latest wisdom and insight about Lean and Agile.  We visit top companies such as Toyota and Porsche on a regular basis to gain the latest best practices.

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Authentic Certifications

Lean Sensei was the first company to develop and deliver Lean Certification Programs, since then, has pioneered world-class Certification programs.  We have more experience teaching Lean Certifications than any other companies.


"We compared LSI's experience and
knowledge to some of the largest consulting
companies in the world, but no one comes
close to LSI's depth of knowledge or level of
lean experience."

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