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Dear friend…



As the year comes to closing, I am reminded how fortunate and blessed we are to have you as our client, a friend, business partner, and a lean colleague.  While the year 2020 will go down in history as perhaps one of the most challenging and most unusual year, I see 2020 as a gift and a blessing in many ways.


That’s because this is the year that we learned to see the positives in negatives, reach out to stars for inspiration, find the best in people, and help each other in every possible way.  This is the year we decided that we will focus our energy on the “future” as opposed to the “past,” and be passionate about what’s coming instead of what’s gone.  This is the year we became visionary and future minded.


We’ve also learned to do more with less.  We bought less, we travelled less (almost none!), and we wasted less – which all align with the vision and philosophy of Lean Thinking.  We also learned to connect more – even virtually – with everyone around the globe. We learned that regardless of the medium (phone, facetime, zoom, whatever), people are people and we can feel friendship, support, care and love simply by reaching out. 


Finally, we learned to become self-sufficient, creative, and even autonomous – we learned to cook our own food, grow our own vegetables, adopt new pets, and gain new hobbies.  We became less dependent on external things like shopping and travel, and became more internally focused around families, friends, and important social circles.  We created a stronger, more meaningful and more purposeful life.


So yes it was a tough year – a crazy year – and none of us would likely want to repeat 2020. But with our renewed sense of appreciation for life, culture and simpler things in life, perhaps we’ve also become a better person.  And with a vision toward the future and passion for what’s to come ahead in 2021, life will only get better in 2021 and beyond. In fact, if we all commit to making 2021 better in every possible way, then 2021 WILL BE BETTER because we are all in it together.


So I wanted to end 2020 with my personal commitment to do whatever it takes to “transform the world” and make life truly passionate for 2021.  Would you join me in that commitment to make the world a better and more exciting place for 2021?  


Together, we can make 2021 the best year ever, God willing.  Many thanks again for your support, wisdom, and friendship this year.


Merry Christmas and Passionate New Year!


David Chao


On the lighter note, please find below some funny Christmas messages from our staff

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