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Mount Fuji

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Japan Lean Tour

Japan Lean Tour

LSI's founder and CEO David Chao will take you and your team through the most fascinating journey through Japan – to learn the latest Toyota Production System and Lean Agile Thinking!


David will reveal the “secret sauce” that keeps Japan at the forefront of the Lean Agile world and will bring you insight that is only possible through a visit to Japanese companies.

Highlights include a virtual tour of the Toyota and Nissan factories, along with an opportunity to hear from some of the most experienced lean leaders from Japan.

Small Street in Japan
Toyota factory.jpg

Toyota Factory Tour

The most lean factory in the world

Of all the amazing things you can see and experience about Japan (even virtually), the Toyota Factory stands out as the benchmark of the benchmark.

This is where it all started - Toyota's factory is "ground zero" for all things lean, agile and of course the Toyota Production System (TPS).  

Through the eyes of the founder of LSI, learn the technique, methods, system, and principles of TPS.  See actual lean tools in practice like andon, poka yoke (mistake proofing), setup reduction, kanban, and much more.

By carefully pointing out and explaining how Toyota implements lean solutions and ideas, you can learn in detail how to apply these methods in your own company.

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