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Lean Agile

Lean Agile Certifications

Lean Sensei – the Lean and Agile specialist which pioneered coaching in the field of Lean Thinking and Agile Framework – has been delivering the world’s first fully integrated framework that combines Lean and Agile Framework.

Drawing on 20 years of experience in continuous improvement, our system combines the best elements of lean, the Toyota Way, agile and scrum.

In this 2-day virtual session, we will demystify lean versus agile, introduce the key elements of lean agile approach and put the entire framework to work. This includes enhancement to how Kaizens are managed and utilized.

This is the workshop that is creating waves in the industry as the truly revolutionary approach to problem solving and continuous improvement.

The program is offered in two levels (both are 2-days):

Level 1:  Introduction to Lean Agile 

Level 2:  Advanced Lean Agile

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