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Organizing Data

Special Workshop

Lean Leadership by Mike Hoseus


Most companies embarking on a Lean journey soon become frustrated with kaizen events that yield great short-term results but lack sustainability. They are searching for something more: the culture of continuous improvement with purpose, processes, and people aligned, to cultivate problem solving. This course focuses on how leaders can connect and simultaneously develop both the “Product” and “People” Value Streams in organizations. It will demonstrate the dynamic change in profitability and long term mutual prosperity when these two streams are developed.

The session will discuss: How to bring to life the values a company has set as their guiding principles or mission statement; The specific steps to consider while problem-solving in daily activities - communication, buy-in, engagement, purpose and customer satisfaction; line of sight to the company goal or business plan (hoshin), normally centered around key performance indicators of quality, cost, productivity, safety and HR development; How to integrate these components into a Daily Management System.

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